Wedding Planner in Delhi

Wedding Planner in Delhi

The Floral Knot is a renowned Wedding Planner in Delhi that has marked its existence by creating luxury wedding experiences across different cities of India including Delhi, Chandigarh, Rishikesh , Dehradun, Mussoorie, and more. The Floral Knot has an extensive network of quality vendors & service providers. Moreover, they have great connections with eminent venue providers in India. We assure you to have the best of everything from decor to catering, entertainment, logistics, and much more. Having several years of rich experience enables us to stand out from the rest, and achieve supremacy across India. .

Creative, Romantic, and Dedicated are the 3 words that describe each member of the Floral Knot family. Creative ideas using out-of-the-box thinking, making the wedding romantic for the 2 connecting souls, and being dedicated to carrying out the activities in the exact accurate manner to give you the feeling of your dream wedding.

Destination Wedding Planner in Delhi:

A perfect wedding is the hard work, dedication, and commitment of so many people behind the curtain. The couple and their families can organize the wedding on their own as well, but it is a fact that they won’t be able to enjoy the wedding freely. That is where wedding planners come to the rescue. They manage, monitor, and control every single aspect of the wedding carefully. They administer A to Z wedding tasks that enable you to enjoy the wedding stress-free.

We at The Floral Knot assist you to find the best service providers that cater to your budget and preferences. Our professionals are highly trained to guide you to plan your wedding that suits your style and personality.

Types of Wedding Planning Services:

Comprehensive Wedding Planning: It involves complete wedding planning services from finalizing the budget, selecting the venue, decoration, transport, logistics, entertainment, and all other stuff involved in a wedding. We ensure the rightful execution of all your wedding functions. Our team is well experienced in handling every single thing from little to the most critical wedding activities.

Customized Wedding Planning: It comes under partial wedding planning services. It is for those people who can handle some of the wedding activities on their own, and need an event planner for some particular activities only. In this case, a wedding planner will take care of only those things that come on his part.

Consultants:: Wedding Consultants are specialists that have enormous knowledge in carrying out the whole wedding according to a specific budget. They have a bright understanding of maximizing the utilization of your budget wisely.

Expert Tips to Pick the Best Wedding Planner in Delhi:

Here are some of the points that you need to look carefully at while hiring a wedding planner in Delhi:

Once you have decided to hire a wedding planner, then you need to do extensive research on different wedding planners to determine which perfectly suits your budget, style, and personality. Choosing an improper wedding planner can lead your wedding to disaster.

Check the background and experience of the wedding planner that you find righteous.

You need to have absolute clarity of the wedding budget before approaching the event planners.

You need to book your event planner 3-4 months before your occasion.

As I mentioned earlier, there are multiple types of wedding planning services available, you need to choose the one that fulfills your requirements.

Things to Discuss with Wedding Planner in Delhi before Sealing the Deal: -

You need to instruct them clearly about your thoughts and requirements. Brief them about the way you want your wedding to be.

You can give them some examples so that they can understand your concept better.

Be clear about your budget, the date of the wedding, the number of guests, and each function duration.

Ask them to provide pocket-friendly services.

Have a discussion on every single aspect of your wedding to avoid any miscommunication and misinformation.