About us

Company Introduction

We are a wedding planning and events management company from India based in Dehradun, Uttarakhand and we specialize in anything from traditional ceremonies, To big city events, Unique venues and anything from local to international. What we aim to achieve is creating an exciting, genuine and memorable experience on your important day(s). Accompanied with this, Comes the finest quality of professional planning, where our role is to assist you to conceptualize, Create, Perfect and materialize your ideas from paper to production. One of our main goals is to make sure your planning is fun and is as effortless as possible and to leave the hard work to us. Not only are we experts in the organizational aspects of our business, but we work largely on exceptional décor design, The beautiful art of floristry and high quality photography. It is these elements that allow us to give you the best possible service. Our clients needs and desires are extremely important to us and are integral in our processes. Be it small, large, Unique, Sophisticated or casual, We are equipped to meet your all your needs. Having years of experience under our belt, Our core focus is to provide your event with the beauty and significance it deserves. We believe in what matters to you.


It is important to know that our skills and services extend not only to weddings, But also to special and corporate events. We control all features such as talent sourcing, Invitations, Care for the guests, Food and beverage, Set and décor design, Location scouting, Travel and hospitality arrangements and more. Something to remember is that no matter what we will reflect your business branding with the utmost respect and honesty.

We are a boutique company with a substantial understanding of what it means to bring together a perfectly executed wedding or event. We are creative, Passionate and professional and will make sure your experience is truly an unforgettable one. Trust us, you are in good hands.

“Being busy does not always mean real work. The object of all work is production or accomplishment and to either of these ends there must be forethought, System, Planning, Intelligence, And honest purpose, As well as perspiration. Seeming to do is not doing.” – Thomas A. Edison

Our Work


Firstly, It is essential to us to understand what our client’s wishes are and so the process will begin with a consultation to get a feeling of what you as our client have in mind and what your dreams are. We realize early ideas may need some guidance or some inspiration and we are happy to accommodate you with this, every step of the way. We will look at timelines such as potential dates and locations, as well as the size, Which will involve details suchlike the approximate amount of guests etc. Secondly, We will look at a prospective budget; this is to ensure we have the perfect approach, As it will give us a good idea on the best way to move forward.


We will provide you with a variety of possible concepts to explore. You will be able spend some time with these ideas and once a decision is made from your side, Our real work begins. It is now our undertaking to start turning your quintessential day or event into a reality. We are also able to supply as much creative assistance you may need in the beginning part of this process.


This is something we take very seriously, In order to make sure that nothing is left unseen and that every detail of the event is perfected. We examine and review each step of the way to make sure everything we produce and source is the best it can be. There is no room for error on the day of your wedding or special event and so that is why we enforce strong research to ensure the best results.


Truly beautiful wedding days and events do not plan themselves. This part of our work is absolutely crucial to our practice. Nothing falls between the cracks with us, As our seamless organizational skills are possibly the most important part of what we do. From executive decision making to ensure every deadline is met with expertise, especially in project management. What we will need from you is as a client is as many particulars as you can provide. You will need to send out your ‘Save the Date’s’, as we will need to know how many guests will be accommodated for as early as possible. We will need to start looking at details like food selection, beverage facilities, guest count and most importantly we will need to start locking down a venue. In relation to this, is the organizing of desired vendors and securing their availability, it is specifics like these that will sometimes needs advanced preparation. We pride ourselves in planning to perfection and making sure we are always on the ball from the beginning to the end.


This is when it all comes together, Your ideas and our driven efforts are ultimately achieved. It’s that rewarding sentiment you never forget, The kind when you witness all the hard work and ideas emerge and you finally start to feel the special occasion arrive. This is when we know that everything has been done correctly through our meticulous co-ordination and hard work. It’s the very day we have all been waiting for and that feeling of accomplishment is something we will all share and experience together.


Finally! Your confidence in us will allow you to be stress free and to be able to have the extraordinary time you have been looking forward to or dreaming of. This is when you get to live your day and take in all those unforgettable memories, while we make sure everything else runs smoothly. Enjoy the ambience, enjoy the music, Enjoy the food, and enjoy the love and laughter that comes from all your peers or loved ones. It’s your time!